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The word perfume is derived from the Latin per fumum, meaning “through smoke.” (Britanica)
how to choose a perfume that suits you?

Fragrances used in perfumes are classified in different groups. By understanding these categories or groups you can choose a good perfume.
1- Floral: As name shows this category is created mainly from flowers, such as roses, orange blossoms, gardenias, jasmine and carnations. This group is soft, romantic and feminine in nature. Sometimes these perfumes are also combined with spicy or fruity elements for more good results. Chanel N°5 is all time favorite in floral fragrances.
2- Citrus: Having tangy essence of citrus fruits, these perfumes are lively and energetic. You can enjoy it only in morning time because of its aroma which is refreshing and mood uplifting.
3- Fruity: Loved by teenager and mostly young women, its smell is spicy and fresh fruity in nature. Melon and peach tones are the most commonly used and last long.
4- Aquatic (Oceanic): Best category for light nature people. This fragrance gives you sea breeze freshness with its floral & fruity notes. For Aquatic group, Issey Miyakeis must be your first choice.
5- Oriental: This orient will take you to the ancient Greece; the most exotic and sensual group of fragrances. Mix of spices, amber, balsams, resins, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove. The aroma of musk, balsam, oak moss and vanilla tones are lasting and heavy with feminine quality.
For this group, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is the best perfume. Tangerine and lily of the valley along with rose, cedarwood and sandalwood tones make a very good combination.
6- Fougère: (Fougère, means “fern” in French)
It's a blend of flowers, mossy ferns and woody herbs that come together in a distinctive style. It is categories in floral
fragrances as well. Herbs including bergamot, lavender, coumarin, sandalwood & geranium are mostly used for perfect smell.
Best choice for this category of perfume is Davidoff Cool Water, both for men & women.
7- Gourmand: Food lovers are inspired of this fragrance. It can be created from coffee, cupcake, almond, whiskey, chocolate, vanilla, caramel along with many other flavors & spices.
8- Chypre: A fresh & natural woody-mossy mixture tone is named by Francois Coty. Its nature is warm and woody with mood of the island of Cyprus. Estée Lauder introduces Eau de Parfum Spray  of this popular family of fragrance.

how to Apply Perfume Perfectly?
1- Give 10 minutes to check any fragrance before buying.
2- Perfumes are strong at pulse points where the blood flow the strongest and the skin is the warmest on your body.
3- For a full effect, dab on wrists, back of the ear, nape of the neck, chest, inside the elbow and behind the knee.
4- Spraying around your ankles allows the fragrance to billow up over time.
5- Light colognes and toilettes in citrus are ideal for summer wear.
6- Perfume classics in heavy florals are best for formal outings.
7- Perfume lasts long on oily and moisturized skin.
Things to remember:
Eau de colognes are least concentrated with 3% perfume oil and will last about an hour. Toilettes contain 3-8% perfume oil and last approximately two hours. Eau de parfum is about 15% perfume oil and should last three to four hours and perfume and parfum classics are full 20% perfume oil and last five to six hours.
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