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cell phone radiation

Cellular phones are now an important part of modern telecommunication. At the end of 2010, there were approximately 4.6 billion users of cellular phones. But the users have not investigated or understand the health impacts of this invention.
While talking on these phones we don’t know, our communication is transmitted by radio waves through a network of fixed antennas called base stations. The radio frequency waves used for transmit are electromagnetic fields. The fact is these electromagnetic fields produced by mobile/cellular phones are classified by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) as possibly carcinogenic to human.
Dr. George Carlo, public health scientist and ones of the world’s top expert s on the health affect radiation on human body has explained health effects of radiation on body:
The near-field radiation plume:
 "First, we are concerned about the dangers from two different types of radiation associated with cell phones: the near-field radiation plume and a more subtle far-field contribution. The near-field plume penetrates your body about six inches from the center of the phone`s antenna. If it`s against your head, it penetrates your brain. If it`s on your waist, it penetrates the important blood- forming flat bones of your hips. This plume is like a "bull in a china closet" and it overtakes all of our body`s natural defenses against this type of exposure. We now know that this near-field plume leads to dysfunction such as leakage in the protective blood brain barrier and genetic damage, including interference with DNA repair. These biological effects lead to conditions ranging from brain tumors to learning difficulties in children".
The far-field contribution:
"This field produces subtle effects for most people, but the effects are insidious and accumulate over time. Background levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) have increased dramatically over the past decade and cell phones are now a major contributor to that background load. The mechanism leading to the danger is interference with the human biofield (the energies generated as part of our metabolism.) Our biofield is a major determinant of overall health and wellness. The increasing level of environmental EMR competes with our own energies and produces a general compromise of our own physiological processes. Over time, this deterioration can lead to a host of symptoms ranging from hyperactivity and attention deficit behavior to lowered immune responses. Some people are extremely sensitive to this type of radiation and electro-sensitivity prevalence is now on the rise around the world. This problem will continue to worsen over time".
1- The handset only transmits power when it is turned on. So, the radio frequency drops down with increasing distance from the handset.
2- Keep your hand set away (30-40 cm) from body while using internet and text messaging.
3- Use hand free devices, which keeps mobile/cell phones away from head.
4- Try to use phones in area of good reception because it allows phone to transmit at reduced power.
5- Don’t use cell phone in hospitals and airplanes (prohibited areas) , as the radio frequency signals may intrude certain electro-medical devices and navigation system.
WHO (world health organization) is planning to conduct a formal risk assessment of all studies health outcomes from radio frequency fields exposure this year (2012).

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