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Online Invitations
Are you planning an event? Having a birthday party? Want some fun and celebration with baby’s first shower? Arranging a family get together or any special ceremony coming up? Going to send a wedding invitation?
The very first step a host does is the arrangement of “invitations” which has been changed nowadays, into a term “evites” (e-invitations).
Look back in past thousands of years messages to the honorary guests were sent on a leather parchment or on a paper, written with quill and dark inks. This service was not done by any post office but a horse man fulfilled the task. Many cultures including Chinese, Egyptian, European and Muslims had a traditional style for inviting guests on different occasions ones a year.
After the industrial revolution and invention of different devices for exchanging messages, it became easier to invites a few days before the celebrations. So, people used to enjoy every event with friends and families.
From the last two decays, computer has given a major breakthrough in the field of Communication. Now for every type of invitation there is no need to post letters or invites.
email invitations/electronic invitations:
Just plan a polite, courteous and formal text with some elegant words for the honorable gussets and save it in your computer. Now select a beautiful image (for birthday evite select your baby’s graceful photo) and by using any image organizer like photoscape or photoshop, place that text on the selected image for the invitation. Next step is to import this card in your email by using attaching file or by insert it in the mail (a gadget in Gmail) or share on facebook. Send this “e-invite” to your near and dear in a few seconds without any cost.
There is another service free of cost for online invitation. Many companies are offering services for delivering invites on low costs. Select design, fonts, quotes/text, and color and place an order online. This is most commonly used convenient way to send a suitable e-invite. You can try multiple options for instance, wedding e-invites, fonts are engraved, shiny, glossy with emboss style. For birthdays fun and comic effects are liked by most of the planners.

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