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dry cough remedies

Dry cough usually occur in case of any disorder in the upper respiratory tract or in air ways. Sometimes this type of problem is also observed in a psychological effect. As we have observed many changes in our environment, pollution is playing a major role in spreading throat diseases, lungs infection and respiratory ailments. By keeping all these things in our mind, we can first diagnose the cause of the cough. Some time children of less than 13 year get allergy problems. For instance they get allergy from a stuff toy, rug in the living room, or from any food supplement. To overcome this first, concentrate on the cleanliness in your surroundings to avoid dust allergy. In sever cough the patient should visit doctor. For home remedies in minor coughs there are some home remedies;
1-      Use lukewarm water. Take one glass of juice daily of any citrus fruit.
2-      Take a cup of milk; boil it with a ¼ piece of peeled ginger, best before sleep.
3-      Some people do gargle of lukewarm water, do this thrice a day and if you don’t have problem of high blood pressure, add pinch of salt in the water for gargling.
4-      Honey is available in every store. Yes it’s very easy tip.  Take 1/3 tsp of honey, season it with black peeper, mix well and eat before going to bed.
5-      Mint flavor is also taste good while having bad throat, you can boil mint leaves (2-3) in a cup of water and take it daily as a mint tea. It is very soothing and gives you relief in cough.
6-      An herb called “liquorices” is very effective for the treatment of cold and cough. You can take a small piece of it and boil it in milk or water to drink as syrup. Its sweet smell is very good for clearing the airways.

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