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Teeth Care

Food debris decay your teeth:
The most common problem of the world in dental  care is cavity. It is false believe that sugar candies are the major cause of tooth decay. The major cause of cavity is bacterias in your mouth, feed on the food particles. This food debris produce acid which later mixed in saliva and clings to your teeth as plaque. It causes tooth decay by forming cavities. There are some other factors also such as not flossing and brushing. All starchy food and sugar coated foods including dry cereals, raisins, hard candy and milk are plaque promoter. How to avoid plaque from these food?
1- brushing is necessary after eating such food
2- if brush is not available just rinse your mouth
3-use tap water instead of bottled water because it contains fluoride which is best for teeth
4- visit  your dentist once in a month
5- chew sugar free gum 


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