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kitchen gardening

kitchen garden
We all know that the vegetables and fruits that we grow in our kitchen garden in front of our eyes will be better than buy from market. There are a number of  factors which we should keep in mind before planning a kitchen garden.
Thing you should keep in mind:
1. It need not much space.
2. Herb growing kit, plastic pots,packets of seeds and real soils.These things are easily available in the markets.
A most important tip for kitchen gardening is to do a lot of research on the  particular vegetable you have chosen.
Important steps for growing vegetables:
strawberry plant
1.Dig the area you have chose for the plantation,about 8-10 inches.
2. Soil must not be too wet.If it sticks together it is too wet.
3. Add  some organic matter to it.
4. Divide the site into number of beds about four feet wide.
5. Prepare the soil and next step is choosing seeds.
6. Place the seeds outside for longer period each day before planting.
7. After the initial process of planting the seeds, all you need is to do water them regularly.
8.Vegetables require at least one inch of water per week. Early morning is the best time for watering the vegetable plants.
Kitchen garden
If you have not enough place for planting vegetables, you can buy several pots and grow vegetables. It will also easily accessible.
Benefits of kitchen gardening:
1.There are plenty of benefits in kitchen gardening. It is easy to grow all the year round.
2. Since you will be doing your gardening inside, there is no worry about the types of bugs and pests that will come to your garden.
3.There will be no pollen in the air and you can cut down the weeds easily.
4. Plant marigold around your vegetables, it will help to keep the pest away and your garden looks beautiful.


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