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Face and food facts

Many food that are healthy to eat offer powerful benefits for skin and hair.They can be found into a wide variety of beauty products with lots of chemicals which can cause irritation.The natural ingredients contain antioxidants and are essential for skin care.There are a number of fruits which can make skin treatment easier just by eating  natural food.
Strawberries and citrus:
strawberries and citrus are the source of vitamin C. They produce collagen which keeps the skin firm. For reducing fats from skin try  a cup of strawberries or citrus juice  daily .
If you want a glow on your face, eat 25 almond daily to get vitamin E.
Green leafy vegetable:
For the smooth skin, you must take beets, spinach and lettuces.These vegetables produce vitamin A by converting the antioxidant beta carotene.
Cereals and meats:
Fortified cereals, meats, poultry and oyster are useful in treatment of dull skin. When you eat proteins that are chock full of iron, they produce new cells and get rid of old ones. Iron also gives oxygen to the skin. For the radiant skin one must take proteins daily.
At least six glasses of water every day. It will  keep your skin hydrated.
Green tea:
Green tea reduces cholesterol and may protect against certain cancers. When applied to your skin, green tea is a potent antioxidant that helps skin retain moisture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Fish like salmon contain dimethylaminoethanol, a compound that helps rejuvenate skin. You can get this benefit by eating cold -water fish.
Honey kills bacteria. It heals wound and burns, products that contain honey are recommended to  patients of acne. It is an effective moisturizer and used in many skin products.
It is a herb used in Indian curries. It is anti- inflammatory.Turmeric has long been used to treat eczema and is known to speed wound heeling.
Olive oil:
It is a natural moisturizer. It is ultra-hydrating and protects dry skin. It is helpful for the people who have psoriasis or eczema. It can be used in making of healthy salad. It is used in skin care products, hair oils, facial washes and shampoos.


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