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About Author:
Hamish Bowles has written many books on fashion, interior design, art, and lifestyle. As an International fashion journalist by occupation, he covers profile stories, fashion and contemporary culture. His famous books include:
Book review:
Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People is an exclusive book about thirty six wondrous houses, gardens and interiors.  The owners of these houses come from art, fashion and music. The magazine has also displayed images of their beautiful houses which have never been published before. The vogue takes you to the dimensions of style makers. The credit to this tour of realms goes to the celebrated photographers: Miles Aldridge, Cecil Beaton, Jonathan Becker, Eric Boman, Oberto Gili, Francois Halard, Horst P.Horst, Annie Leibovitz, Sheila Metzner, Mario Testino, Tim Walker, and Bruce Weber among other. The photos well describe the lavish colors and contrast of modern and classical interior. Hamish Bowles’s inspiring writing style has added more luxury in the private interiors of the world’s famous celebrities. In this exploration the reader will come across Madonna’s romantic rural retreat in the country side and Oscar de la Renta’s coral-stone Palladian mansion on the coast of the Dominican Republic, Donna Karan’s Zenlike Manhattan aerie and legendary Marella Agnelli’s enchanted villa and gardens in Palmeraie of Marrakesh, Micheala and Eva Chow’s epic Los Angeles manse and shoe maestro Christian Louboutin’s charming houseboat on the Nile, Julian and Olatz Schnabel’s sweet down town loft and childrenwear designer Rachel Riley’s miniature château on the Loire; moreover celebrated landscape gardener Fernando Carunho’s fertile Spanish gardens and Houghton, David Cholmondeley’s splendid English stately home, Janet de Botton’s  estate and Karl Lagerfield’s surprisingly beautiful houses. The beauty, Charm and enchantment of these thirty six houses are well defined in a vogue  magazine.
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