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LG THINQ For Kitchen

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LG Smart Appliances With THINQ Technology
LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its full range of smart appliances, enabled by LG THINQ™ Technology, at the 2011 Inter-national CES®. It is based on five key features. 
  •  Smart Grid
  •  Smart Diagnosis™
  •  Smart Access 
  •  Smart Adapt
  •  Food Management 
 LG THINQ™ Technology offers a complete smart solution that lets consumers manage their homes in a more centralized and convenient way. President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company has explained the term 'smart' as:
“For LG, ‘smart’ means offering the ultimate benefits of empowerment and convenience to our consumers. With our innovative THINQ™ Technology, consumers will be more em-powered when doing household tasks thanks to more efficient, controllable, and eco-friendly appliance options........This isn’t a gradual evolution – LG THINQ™ Technology essentially transforms how consumers take care of their home, and makes it easier and smarter than ever before.”

If you are in the market or any where else you have access with your food list. You can check with your smart phone or Tablet what you need for your next meal?
The new LG Food Management makes the consumers really happy by managing the contents of the refrigerator more effectively by drag and dropping food icons on the LCD display. Consumers can get knowledge of what is in the refrigerator and where certain items located in , with the help of voice recognition feature. These two features also available through smart phones or Tablet PCs. some important features of smart kitchen are as above:

  1. LG smart Oven will tell you on your mobile phone that your food is ready. You can use mobile phone to control the oven over wi-fi or cellular network. 
  2. The Oven is also connected to the internet, You can download food recipe. 
  3. LG refrigerator’s LCD display Food management. You can check what is in it? The screen is connected to your mobile phone. 
  4. LG refrigerators even count and display the frequency at which homeowners open the refrigerator door.
  5. With LG's  new functions, consumers can save on time and energy bills while also opting for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
  6. These appliances can alert the owner either on its display panel or for future models, via a Wi-Fi connection, on the consumer’s smartphone or tablet PC about minor problems; refrigerator door left open, ice-maker switched off, washing machine off-balance.
  7. You can control all home appliances like HOM-BOT robotic vacuum cleaner, Washing machine, Oven and Refrigerator remotely from outside of the home.
With all these innovative functions and smart options, LG THINQ™ Technology is helping consumers  enjoy a new level of convenience but these functions are a little bit tricky.


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