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Twenty twelve 2012

                                                        Late 2011

                                           (May its soul rest in peace)

                                         Some important work to do in 2012

1.   Don't bury your hopes, try to revive them and fulfill them in 2012.
2.   Try to be honest in your dealings.
3.   Take every change in your life in a positive way.
4.   Live peacefully  and give peace to other.
5.  Resolutions are necessary for the success in your life .
6. Strong determination will be helpful for you in achieving goals.
7. Take a new hobby, enjoy it and learn more about it.
8. Be a good listener and try to listen other with patience, this way you will forget your misery.
9. You must be grateful to God even for the drop of water.
10. Wishful thinking is behind every success.

                                        " Wish you all Good luck "


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